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As a woman and as a mother I feel a special love and commitment to childhood. I feel that there are so many children who have everything and so many others who have nothing. That's why, from the first moment we thought about seeking our social cause within our company, we wanted to do it with children and teen agers. Well, they are the ones who are going to make this world a better world if we, as active citizens, propose it to ourselves.

This foundation had great meaning for me. I found in it a divine program oriented to art and creative thinking that made me think that this is the cause that I wanted to support. Children with low economic resources who today play instruments as if they had gone to the most prestigious music schools in the world, is something that accelerates the heart. 

Thanks to your purchase, each of these children will receive a% that will be allocated to their musical, creative education and all the interdisciplinary education that is at the head of their Director Maria Fabiola, It has been a truly amazing and admiring work.

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